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Servant Keeper vs Church Software by grplife®

Simple is better. A simple alternative to Servant Keeper is Church Software by grplife® and here’s why you should consider switching…

Church Software by grplife® is Web-based and Does Not Require Installed Software

Servant Keeper is an application that gets installed onto a computer and is not truly a web-based solution. This is true of both their desktop and cloud-based offerings.

The main benefits of Church Software by grplife® being web-based are:

– You can access Church Software by grplife® from any Internet-connected device.

– You are always running the latest version of the software.

– You can have as many people as you’d like accessing Church Software by grplife® from their own devices at the same time (Servant Keeper charges more for having the software installed on additional machines).

 Support is Included with Church Software by grplife®

While Servant Keeper offers support, it comes at a steep cost and is more expensive if you have more Servant Keeper licenses.

Anyone at your church can call us or email us with questions whenever you’d like. We have no additional fees for support or consulting and would be happy to help. We also offer training, webinars, coaching, importing of data – whatever you need, at no additional cost. Our passion is to see churches succeed.

No matter the question, we’ll be happy to help!

Church Software by grplife® is Easier to Use Than Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper, while powerful, has an interface that can be quite overwhelming.

We have a tremendous focus on simple and intuitive design. This allows users to quickly access the information they need without having to put together complex queries.

By creating a simple and intuitive interface, churches can empower everyone to use the database – staff, volunteers, and members.  Each user can have different permissions, ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections.

Church Software by grplife® is More Affordable

One of the draws Servant Keeper can have is that, by running the software on your own machine, you only have to pay for it once.

In addition to the up-front license fee, churches also need to pay for each additional computer they run Servant Keeper on.  Additionally, they’ll likely want some form of support which costs them a recurring annual fee.  Servant Keeper’s cloud option is an additional monthly fee.

Church Software by grplife® offers three plans, CORE, ADVANCED, COMPLETE, which range from free to $60 a month regardless of church size. Each plan includes support, is web-based so your data lives on the cloud, you’re always running the latest version, there is no installation cost, and you can cancel anytime.

While this article contains our opinions and bias, we truly are convinced that we can serve churches really well. We hope compiling and sharing this list is helpful as you evaluate both options.

We want every pastor or ministry leader to have access to this tool.

That's why we offer a free plan as well as a 14-day trial.

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