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Breeze ChMS vs Church Software by grplife®

Looking for the best alternative to Breeze Church Management Software?

Breeze Church Management is a well-known church management software, but there are many other options out there. In this blog post, we will compare Breeze chms to Church Software by Grplife and show you why Church Software by Grplife is the best option for your needs!

Robust is better. A robust alternative to BreezeChMS is Church Software by grplife® and here’s why you should consider switching...

Breeze ChMS
Church Software
by grplfe
Easy To Use
Great Customer Service
Free Phone and Email Support
Free Chat Support
Automated Workflows
Cancel Anytime
No Termination Fees
Access Through Mobile
Church Branded Mobile App
Worship Planner
Member and Community Engagement
Relationship Manager
Email & Text
Church Private Social Network
Member Social Portal
Church Website
Website Hosting
Podcast Publishing
Digital Church Bulletin
Church Phone System
Automated Recorded Outbound Calls
Call Forwarding
Call Routing
Events and Check-In
Check-In Children
Print Name Tags
Event Calendar
Volunteer Management
Registration Forms
Registration Forms
Online Giving
Giving Reports
Year-End Giving Statements

Church Software by grplife® is a Robust Platform

Breeze church software is a platform with some basic tools often used by churches.  They partner with other organizations to provide the things they can’t provide.  This adds extra costs to their “One simple price for everything.” Breeze pricing is $50 monthly.

Church Software by grplife® includes additional tools at no extra cost:

Church Software by grplife® Has a Plan to Meet Every Need

While BreezeChMS offers a single plan, it may not fit the need of every church because each church is different.

Church Software by grplife® offers three plans, STARTER, GROWTH, COMPLETE, and several price options from free to $60 /month so that your church can have the right plan to meet your needs without extra cost or features.

As your needs change, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan – because we know ministry needs to be flexible!

Church Software by grplife® is More Affordable

One of the draws of the Breeze church management system is  their “One Simple Price for Everything.”

But if that doesn’t meet your budgetary needs, or simply has features you have no current need for then it is unwise stewardship to buy more than you need at a price that is outside your comfortable budget.

Church Software by grplife® offers three plans, STARTER, GROWTH, COMPLETE, and several price options that range from free to $60 a month.  Each plan includes support, is web-based so your data lives on the cloud, you're always running the latest version, there is no set-up cost, and you can cancel anytime.

While this article contains our opinions and bias, we truly are convinced that we're able to serve churches really well and we hope compiling and sharing this list is helpful as you evaluate both options.

We want every pastor or ministry leader to have access to this tool.

That's why we offer a free plan as well as a 14-day trial.

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