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Your church’s private social platform and church management software.

$ 30/m
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$ 60/m
Private, Safe, and Secure
One of the primary reasons Church Software by grplife was created - to keep your posts and data protected from control algorithms and advertisers. Your data is protected by the policies we enforce (no sharing with external parties) and by the platforms we manage. Using DoD-level encryption, zero-trust principles, and federally certified technologies, our practices help ease concerns for data integrity. with our host-your-data option (only available using Amazon Web Services - AWS, additional fees apply).
Support and Service
We're here to help when you need it. Our team is available by chat or phone six days per week, addressing mission-critical, work-stoppage concerns seven days per week, 24 hours per day.
People Relationship Manager
Excel and Word aren't the best tools to manage information regarding your people. Securely store and retrieve critical information about those in your church body. With custom attributes, church life milestones, follow-up notes, and other key dates and data points, achieve better decision-making, discovering areas of growth for those you shepherd.
Up to 1500 contacts
Member Social Portal
Church members can share life events, post pictures, words of encouragement, prayer requests and more with those in their groups or following them.
Access Through grplife App
Communicate on the go with our essentials-loaded mobile app. This streamlined platform is intuitive, free, and designed to allow for easy engagement. With push notifications and reminders, it easily becomes the primary way those in the congregation settle into the platform.
Attendance Tracking
Who's active in your church? Who's showing up for things? Create classes or attendance group and process weekly, daily, or monthly involvement. Run attendance reports and gauge each member's engagement with the mission of your ministry.
20 Events
One of the first steps toward better communication is knowing who and where your people are. Create groups to define how communications are distributed, activities are scheduled, attendance is performed, and more.
Up to 20
Group Discusions
Group messaging, simple, instant. Enter group conversations using instant messaging. Discuss important activities and maintain the history for later review by others who may join the conversation at a later time.
Media Sharing
Create media libraries with audio and video for display on your hosted website, distribution via podcast, or sharing via links.
Give, buy and sale with people you know and trust. Post images and descriptions of things you want to sale or give away.
Digital Church Bulletin
The Digital Church Bulletin is a modern tool to provide a central place for anyone to easily get a weekly digest of important announcements, events, learn about volunteer opportunities, easily register or other activities which change on a regular basis.Church's can provide a QR code or a shortlink to allow users to easily navigate to the Digital Church Bulletin.
Sometimes you need to count things and view a history of how they're trending. With this feature you can add any metric that needs monitoring, generating graphs and reports for them on a periodic basis.
Events Calender
Plan the week, month, and year so that your congregation knows what to expect. Reduce surprises, confusion, and increase participation by implementing strategic planning.
Event Reservations and Invites
Know who's showing up - send invitations and take reservations by email or text message. Another helpful tool for planning and gauging member involvement.
SMS Messaging
The fastest way to reach the largest number of people in your congregation. Send text messages to any phone, create text messaging groups to solve the iPhone/Android group text problem. Receive 100 messages per month, purchase additional for a small fee ($15/1000) .
100/mo free
100/mo free
SMS Groups
Do members of groups in your ministry have difficulty maintaining text message groups, adding new participants, ensuring that everyone with an Android and iPhone get all messages? SMS Groups solve this problem. With this feature, you can create messaging groups that are assigned a regional central phone number ($2/month), add and remove group members, view complete message history, temporarily mute conversations, and more.
See Details
See Details
Online Giving
Electronic giving is essential for helping your people become better stewards and contributors to the work of the ministry. With this feature, they can configure recurring gifts and target donations to designated areas.
+$5 Monthly
Transaction Fees
Some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry, backed by one of the most reliable, safest, and feature-packed payment processing platforms available (Stripe - Take advantage of bulk and non-profit discounts to see even lower rates.
Stripe Only
Stripe Only
Giving Records and Reports
You're sending out giving reports at the end of the year or whenever someone calls the office. With Church Software by grplife, users can generate reports in when needed, monitor giving daily, and know how their stewardship is trending in real time.
Hosted Website (WordPress Option)
Instead of managing your website through a separate platform, paying additional fees, managing another set of users, keeping track of two calendars, form systems, and sermon repositories, the integrated WordPress feature keeps cost and administration low.
1 Website
2 Websites
Email Templates and Delivery
When you need to send out weekly newsletters, interact with contacts inside or outside the church via email, the email distribution system, backed by mailgun, provides reliable delivery, clear tracking, and useful reporting for each message being sent. Additionally, recipients can easily update their delivery preferences as needed.
Prayer Request Manager
Organize prayer requests in a more productive way. Automatically and/or manually Assign to leaders, define visibility rules, and, when authorized, allow others in the congregation to interact with requests.
Visitor Registration
Each Sunday, as visitors complete registration cards, this feature allows administrators to quickly log pertinent information and assign follow-up to appropriate members of the leadership team.
Registration and Payment Forms
As part of this all-in-one, single-pane-of-glass platform, bring your forms for data collection or fee processing into grplife. With robust field types, reporting capabilities, and custom workflows for handling follow-up, you won't miss Google Forms and Survey Monkey for one second.
Document Manager
Whether for board meetings, policy documents, administrative files, videos, audio, or most anything, use the document manager to share files with internal users, and, using protected links and passwords, with external contacts. Create web-based docs for live collaboration, mail merges, and efficient note-taking.
Guides and Manuals
Do you have manuals, church constitution documents, facility or resource use instructions, or other types of guides that you'd like online, searchable and exportable to PDF? With the Guide Manager, create structured manuals with simplicity.
Campaigns and Fund Raisers
Fund raisers, volunteer drives, and other campaigns can sometimes be a challenge to facilitate. With our campaign manager, create structured online drives, allowing members to engage in the ministry in tangible ways.
Volunteer Manager
Create volunteer opportunities and service teams for weekly or other regular, recurring responsibilities, giving members an opportunity to serve. Match service objectives with spiritual gifts, abilities or passions that drive those that are a part of your church body.
Surveys and Polls
Want to get a pulse for what your congregation is experiencing, the impact of a particular decision, or the effectiveness of a recent sermon series or class? The survey and poll feature handles this. Create short form or long form surveys, creating workflows to direct how this information is processed.
Check-In (with Text Alerting)
A kiosk and web-based check-in system provides robust functions for registering new and existing persons. Check-in can be used for any type of event and for any person or family. When notifications are required, the SMS function, integrated with this module, allows you to send instant notifications when problems arise.
Opt-In Text Alerts
For those who elect to receive them, send out urgent text alerts to members of the congregation, keeping them informed and better engaged.
Follow-Up and Discipleship
Equip your leaders with a resource that will enable them to be more effective in accomplishing the prime mandate placed upon us by Christ Jesus, making and preparing disciples. Assign members to disciplers, set regular meeting dates, generate reminders, and store meeting notes in a safe, protected environment.
Automated Follow-Up Workflows
Create activity-based, time-based and other triggered workflows to process a set of activities for contacts. Fully-customizable and feature-rich, these workflows provide a reliable means of follow-up and ensuring people don't fall through gaps.
Worship Planner
Schedule worship, tech, and other members for the worship service each week, assign songs, cues, generate run sheets for printing to ensure everyone is prepared. Create service templates for fast preparation.
Branded Mobile App ( iOS & Android)
Place your app in Apple Store and Google Play, with your custom logo, custom name, and a fully customized presence so that anyone from visitors to members can easily engage and connect with your ministries.
Requires Setup Fee
Phone Tree
Configure a simple auto attendant to direct calls based upon the need for which people may try to contact the ministry. route calls to specific pastoral staff, direct prayer requests to a mailbox, or provide options for leaving a message. when recorded and left, the system can transcribe messages and deliver both audio and message contacts to designated recipients.
Automated Recorded Outbound Calls
When you need to get an important message to those who may not be as available via email or SMS. This is a simple and reliable way to reach everyone.
Private Messaging
Send messages directly to other users for quick decisions and clarification on critical matters.
Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Would you like to gain a general sense of how those in your ministry are gifted, what motivates them, and where their greatest strengths and weaknesses are? With our Spiritual Gifts Assessment module, select from a trusted list of pre-designed, copyrighted assessments, obtaining a visual representation of each person's gift mix.
Financial Tools
Essential tools needed to track giving, payments, chart of accounts, products, fees and invoices for items that may be sold. Use our Quickbooks Online integration for expanded capability. Generate reports and giving statements with custom formatting.
Podcast Publishing
Share your weekly messages to anyone in the world immediately after they've been recorded.
Facility/Resource Reservations
Make your facility manager's life just a little easier. Schedule resource and room use, managing conflicts, and organizing procedures for setup and tear down. Users can submit requests and know availability instantly. administrators can approve requests. Fees for use can also be applied to resources, as required.
Multi-Campus Management
Do you have multiple campuses? If your church requires multiple grplife accounts, these can be linked so that users, admins and pastoral staff can login to each and administer or interact with key activities.
Multi-Language Support
Your site can be displayed in more than 20 languages. Select a default language and allow users to specify the language they prefer when accessing the system.

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