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Planning Center Online vs Church Software by grplife®

More affordable is better. A more affordable alternative to Planning Center is Church Software by grplife® and here’s why you should consider switching...

1. Church Software by grplife® has (much) Simpler Pricing

One of the most significant differences between Planning Center and Church Software by grplife® is pricing. We know both church software is excellent, but why pay more for something you can get at a lower price? With Church Software by Grplife, you don't need to limit such features required for your church worrying about breaking your budget! We offer an all-in-one church software platform that fits your church's budget!

See this table for price comparison. This table was based on Church’s Grplife Complete Plan and Planning Center Full System with the unlimited options.

A table comparison of Planning Center pricing vs Church Software.

You may be thinking that you don’t need these unlimited features, and Planning Center base plan will work for you. But still, Church Software by Grplife beats Planning Center Pricing.

This Price Comparison was based on Planning Center's cheapest and base plan; you'll see the enormous price difference on their base plan starting at $98 per month for you to get all these essential features for your church platform. At the same time, Church Software by Grplife offers a base plan at $30 that includes the crucial basic features of a church platform; the table comparison above shows Church Software by Grplife's Complete Plan ($60), which is still way cheaper than Planning Center. There is no doubt that both church platform offers the church's needed features. Still, we think Planning Center will be more efficient if you plan to get their complete system not the one they called "ala carte style", bringing the whole system will cost you more, plus take note of the limited number of accesses they offer with the starting price of $98 (complete system). At the same time, Church Software by Grplife provides the complete system for just $60.

2. We'll Move Your Data at No Additional Cost

While Planning Center allows churches to import data in, churches are left to navigate the import tools themselves. For churches that may not have an IT person, this can be a daunting task. Furthermore, if this process doesn't go well, it can be devastating for the long-term effectiveness of the database as a database is only as good as the data that's in it. Because of how critical this step is to get right, we're happy help you do it. And for those who are technically inclined and would prefer, you're able to do the same import yourself.

3.Church Software by grplife® is Easier to Use Than Planning Center

Planning Center, while powerful, has some interfaces that can be a bit confusing. Additionally, scheduled volunteers need to have their own Planning Center account. We have a tremendous focus on simple and intuitive design. This allows users to quickly access the information they need without having to put together complex queries. By creating a simple and intuitive interface, churches can empower everyone to use the database - staff, volunteers, and members. Each user can have different permissions, ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections.

The Feature Difference

Planning Center has a follow-up workflow, but each step needs to be assigned to someone. With Church Software by Grplife, just create the follow-up steps and choose the event trigger, and our system will do the work! Create activity-based, time-based and other triggered workflows to process activities for contacts. Fully customizable and feature-rich, these workflows provide reliable follow-up and ensure people stay caught up.

Church Software by Grplife offers SMS messaging, while Planning Center provides the same price. Receive 100 messages per month is already included on our $30 and $60, and purchase additional for a small fee ($15/ for additional 1000 SMS), while Planning Center doesn't offer any free SMS in a month and for you to use this SMS feature their additional payment is required. Pricing starts at $10 for 500SMS; see the price difference. You will always end up saving money with Grplife!

What we Have, What they don’t have

Church Software by Grplife $60 includes a Phone Tree feature, we can't compare this to Planning Center because they don't offer a Phone Tree feature, but even if they did, we think there might be an additional cost for this! Phone tree allows you to configure a simple auto attendant to direct calls based upon the need for which people may try to contact the ministry, route calls to the specific pastoral staff, direct prayer requests to a mailbox, or provide options for leaving a message. When recorded and left, the system can transcribe messages and deliver audio and message contacts to designated recipients.

Church Software by Grplife's $60 plan allows you to record outbound calls when you need to get an important message to those who may not be as available via email or SMS. This is a simple and reliable way to reach everyone.

Church Software by Grplife's $60 plan supports more than 20 languages; Planning Center only supports English. Your site can be displayed in more than 20 languages. Select a default language and allow users to specify the language they prefer when accessing the system.

While this article contains our opinions and bias. We are confident that we can serve churches well, and we are the most affordable platform offering more features for an excellent price. Sign up for our 14-day free trial today and make the switch!

We want every pastor or ministry leader to have access to this tool.

That's why we offer a free plan as well as a 14-day trial.

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