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Communication Illustration for church management software comparison of online vs Church Software by grplife.

Planning Center Online vs Church Software by grplife®

A more affordable alternative to Planning Center is Church Software by grplife®. Church Software by grplife® is the most affordable church software on the market. It is time to switch to something that will not break your budget!

Church Software by grplife® has (much) Simpler Pricing

One of the biggest differences between Planning Center and Church Software by grplife® is pricing.

Church Software by grplife® has three plans, STARTER, GROWTH, COMPLETE with straightforward pricing (and even a free option). 

With Planning Center there’s a price for check-in, a price for giving, a price for registrations, and so on, and each module becomes more expensive the more it’s used.

Support and Training Are a Major Focus (and are also included)

While Planning Center offers support, there’s a strong push to offload users to automated help processes or submitting a written request.

Anyone at your church can call us or email us with questions whenever you’d like. We have no additional fees for support or consulting and would be happy to help. We also offer training, webinars, coaching, or whatever you need at no additional cost. Our passion is to see churches succeed.

No matter the question, we’ll be happy to help!

We are Focused on a Simple, Easy to use Platform

Other systems can often try to add in more and more functionality as they aim to serve the more detailed needs of specific churches. We think this can ultimately lead to more complicated interfaces.

The typical church that we serve, however, has a high value for simplicity and ease of use. It’s this simplicity that we’re really focused on.

We Offer Your Worship Leader Tools for Worship Planning

In the past, Planning Center Online has been very focused on everything related to leading worship. Online still offers Service Planning as a la carte option to their other services.

One of the many included tools Church Software by grplife® offers is Worship Planning; this along with the Document Manager and the Team Scheduler provides all the tools you need to plan multiple services and events, included at no extra cost.

Church Software by grplife® is Easier to Use Than Planning Center

Planning Center, while powerful, has some interfaces that can be a bit confusing. Additionally, scheduled volunteers need to have their own Planning Center account.

We have a tremendous focus on simple and intuitive design. This allows users to quickly access the information they need without having to put together complex queries.

By creating a simple and intuitive interface, churches can empower everyone to use the database – staff, volunteers, and members.  Each user can have different permissions, ensuring they only have access to the appropriate sections.

While this article contains our opinions and bias, we truly are convinced that we’re able to serve churches really well and we hope compiling and sharing this list is helpful as you evaluate both options.

We want every pastor or ministry leader to have access to this tool.

That's why we offer a free plan as well as a 14-day trial.

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